Welcome to Stellar Visioning, an aerial cinematography company.

What’s in a name?

1. Of or relating to sky or stars
2. Excellence
1. The faculty, or manner of perceiving

What’s your vision?

At Stellar Visioning, we’ve been shooting aerial cinema for over 30 years. In fact, we’re behind some of the world’s most beautiful and famous images — from Fox’s multi-award winning Glee, to Showtime’s edge-of-your-seat sensation, Homeland. We know you have a vision and are passionate about it. And our passion is to make that vision a reality.

Change is good.

Today’s film industry is going through major transitions, some good and some bad. But one of the good changes is that shooting aerial with high-quality cameras like the Red Epic and Arri Alexa no longer requires a full-sized helicopter. With Stellar Visioning’s fleet of drones, pilots, and DPs, you can save money and time while making your production much safer. And better, too, because you can get shots that were never possible before.

We can get that in one!

Follow that convertible down a long and winding private driveway to a stately, Gatsbyesque mansion. Continue the shot up and through a window into an elegant sitting room. End on a close-up of a beautiful woman as she lifts a glass of wine to her lips. All in a single, seamless shot. Or the racing canyon road shot that goes into the tunnel. We fly behind, on sides and in front. What previously might have taken days to set up, rehearse, and shoot — changing to tracking or truck — can now be accomplished in minutes.

Introducing the Alta Freefly Drone.

The Alta Freefly is the first multi-rotor drone with the camera mounted on top of the airframe instead of below. This lets you get all kinds of killer shots that weren’t possible before. Follow the train as it goes over a bridge, then shoot the tracks from below as the train speeds by. With this a top mount option our system can be used as the highest crane ever. And the Alta Freefly not only carries the Movi 15 gimbal, it also accepts top tier cameras like the Red Epic and Alexa Mini.

The possibilities are endless, as you can probably imagine. And we’d love to show you some other ideas, including how to use UAVs to replace many tracking shots.

A Full Aerial Arsenal

Stellar Visioning is equipped with an extensive array of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), from small quads that can enter tight spaces to giant multi-rotors for heavy payload cameras with a max flight time of over 20 minutes. But we also have a fleet of full-sized helicopters and airplanes for long-range shoots. See EQUIPMENT page.

With us, you’re covered.

Aerial shooting involves complicated rules and regulations. And productions that don’t have proper flying credentials are being shut down all the time. With Stellar Visioning, that won’t happen to you. We are a fully insured (film industry standard) aerial cinematography company with FAA Section 333 Exemption and Part 107 licenses.

Meet The Core Team

David Dulan

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
UAV Certified Pilot
AMA Member
Specializing in business and project development
Domestic and international

Joey Lugassy

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)
UAV Certified Pilot
AMA Member
Senior Art Director
2 time Emmy Award Nominee
ABC, Disney, MTV, Paramount, Universal, FOX

Donny Melara

Donny Melara

CTO / Lead Pilot
FAA Certified UAS Pilot, Instructor & Aircraft Engineer
Director of Aerial Cinematography
UAS Building and Flying (20 Years)
Specializing in flying ARRI and RED Cinema Cameras
Disney, MTV, National Geographic

Steve Howell

Director Of Photography
Full-size Airplane and Helicopter Pilot (45 Years)
UAV expert pilot (35 Years)
Aerial Director of Photography
3 Time Emmy Award Winner Aerial Cinematography
Society of Camera Operators (SCO)
NBC, Columbia Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, ESPN

Jessar Nygård
Jessar Nygård

Pilot / Creative
Conventional Fixed Wing Pilot
Thousands of hours
UAV Builder
AMA Member
Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, NBC, ESPN


Ryan Naccarato

Expert level UAV Certified Pilot (thousands of hours)
UAV Builder and Lecturer
Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Scholarship Recipient
and Member since 1993
AMA Convention R/C Stunt Demonstrations and Building Instructor
Twentieth Century Fox



Alta Freefly – 6 and 8 Props
With camera payload traditionally on the bottom or the unique ability to fly them on top. Use your imagination!

xFold Dragon 8 Prop
This ultra heav-lifter is a DPs dream. We can fly most cameras and lenses on this. Custom built by Stellar Visioning

DJI S900 Spreading Wings Hexacopter
Best all around worker-bee.

DJI Inspire 2 RAW
Shoots 5K Video RAW.

Great for speed, tight spots and agility for car chases or flying through a window. Massage and match in post.

Piper Cub Remote Airplane
Up to 1 hour of flight time



Robinson R66

Bell Jet Ranger



Arri Alexa M

Arri Alexa LF

Red Epic

Red Scarlet Weapon

Twin RED cameras for 3D

Sony F5,  F55,  FS700

Canon 1D C, C500

Panasonic GH4

Blackmagic Nikon D4 … and more!


Movi 15

Movi XL

Zenmuse Z15


Movi Controller

Veracity Control Wheels – 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller

Connex Wireless – Live HD Video

Several monitors including large HD screen


Full Radio Walkie Talkie communication

Stellar News

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Drake – Nice For What Cast


Olivia Wilde
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Rashida Jones
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Tracee Ellis Ross
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Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta
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Emma Roberts
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Homeland Season 7 – Showtime


On the set of Homeland Season 7 (LtoR) Stellar Visioning Founder, Joey Lugassy with Homeland DP, David Klein ASC

On the set of Homeland Season 7 with the Stellar Visioning team and faux militiamen.


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